A Meta-Analysis of the Relationship Between Lung Lesion Scores in Slaughter Pigs and their Daily Weight Gain

A meta-analysis was performed on available published articles in which the Ceva Lung Program (CLP) method of assessing enzootic pneumonia (EP) -like lesions was utilised and which also contained the record of average daily gain (ADG) data. Eight studies fulfilling the inclusion criteria were analysed using non-parametric tests. Roman Krejci at Ceva, Monika Kuncová and Jiří Kalina at Research Centre for Toxic Compound in the Environment, evaluate the original (previously published) data together with data from two other studies being comparable since utilising the same lung scoring method. Those data from multiple studies were analysed for the first time using a new statistical method quantifying the linear relation between lung score results and growth performance, not only the differences between treatment groups.