Zoo enrichment could go further

Zoos and aquariums could improve the lives of a wider range of their animals, new research suggests. The use of “environmental enrichment” (giving animals stimulating …

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Zoo air contains enough DNA to identify the animals inside

The air in a zoo is full of smells, from the fish used for feed to the manure from the grazing herbivores, but now we …

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‘Escaped’ big cats found in enclosures at German zoo

Bear shot dead after escaping during floods  Five big cats that were feared missing after storms hit a zoo in western Germany never left their …

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Farewell, Inuka: Zoo staff surround polar bear to comfort him during his last moments as the animal passes away in Singapore

Inuka, born at Singapore Zoo, reached the age of 27 – into his 70s in human years But the polar bear, the first born in …

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