‘Whup’ and ‘grumble’ calls reveal secrets of humpback whales

Sounds made by humpback whales — including a previously unknown call — have given researchers a glimpse of their lives in the high seas. Scientists …

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To save California’s whales, put overlooked threats into policy

Whales are threatened by a variety of human activities off the West Coast of the United States, including fishing, ship traffic, and pollution. Overlap between …

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Reporting entanglements of leatherback turtles is critical for survival

New research suggests that leatherback turtles entangled in fishing gear have a better chance of survival if the incident is reported quickly, giving trained responders …

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Here’s why whales don’t drown when they gulp down food underwater

Ever wondered whether whales can burp, and why they don’t drown when they gulp down gallons of water and krill? New UBC research may just …

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Over 140 whales die in mass beaching in Western Australia

Vets and volunteers fight to keep surviving whales alive More than 140 whales have died after a mass beaching in Western Australia. The whales washed …

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