What a salamander virus can tell us about the future of biodiversity amid a changing climate

A new project from two NAU scientists aims to predict the future — specifically, the future of different amphibian species in the face of an …

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Cellular receptors identified for eastern equine encephalitis

A new study led by researchers at Harvard Medical School has identified a set of cellular receptors for at least three related alphaviruses shared across …

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New Ebola virus discovered in Sierra Leone

Bombali virus ‘has the potential to infect human cells’ Scientists have discovered a new Ebola virus in free-tailed bats in Sierra Leone, providing the strongest …

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New pig virus could be a threat to humans

Study shows virus can transmit to people, cats and chickens A recently discovered pig virus could spread to humans and other animals, a study has …

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AHT begins equine herpes virus vaccine research

Charity to design a modified live virus vaccine  The Animal Health Trust (AHT) has begun research into developing a new vaccine to protect against equine …

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