Oxytocin treatment can take lions from ferocious to friendly

Lions typically aren’t keen on making new friends. The giant cats guard their territory fiercely and can mortally wound a foe with a single swipe. …

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Dechra’s R.I.P. Fleas Extra ™ treatment ‘fully compliant for UK market’

Dechra Veterinary Products has moved to reassure customers that its popular household flea spray remains fully compliant for the UK market after another product was withdrawn from …

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Liquid formula makes hyperthyroidism treatment easier to swallow

A new liquid formula designed to manage lifelong hyperthyroidism in cats is making life simpler for owners, who find the liquid solution “easier to use“ …

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InGeneron ARC system hits UK market

UK vets will soon have access to a piece of kit for the treatment of a range of orthopaedic injuries, allergies and non-healing wounds in …

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