Avian influenza: How it’s spreading and what to know about this outbreak

When it comes to avian influenza, more commonly known as bird flu, all birds are not created equal. “The scientific community has become accustomed to …

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Mind the gap: Space inside eggs steers first few steps of life

Imagine sitting at a meeting where the shape of the table and your place at it might impact how you get along with the other …

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Invasive species and climate change impact coastal estuaries

Native species in California’s estuaries are expected to experience greater declines as invasive species interact with climate change, according to a study from the University …

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Anatomical study confirms: Harbor seals are good at learning calls

Harbour seals may sound different than expected from their body size. Is this ability related to their vocal talents or is it the result of …

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Dolphin bycatch from fishing practices unsustainable, study finds

An international team of researchers have developed a method to assess sustainable levels of human-caused wildlife mortality, which when applied to a trawl fishery shows …

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Bringing out the best in wild birds on farms

A supportive environment can bring out the best in an individual — even for a bird. After an E.coli outbreak in 2006 devastated the spinach …

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In animal battles, cheaters can win

Two knights stand face to face. One has a plain average-sized sword. The other has a massive fear-inducing sword stained with blood. After one quick …

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Where have all the birds gone?

A new study from Tel Aviv University and the Weizmann Institute revealed that over the last 20,000-50,000 years birds have undergone a major extinction event, …

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Study links behaviour issues with early death in dogs

A third of dog deaths under three down to undesirable behaviour  Dogs with undesirable behaviours such as aggression or barking are more likely to die …

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First seal pup study to be carried out in the Thames

Survey aims to shed light on the habitat’s importance  Marine biologists are due to carry out the first ever survey of seal pups in the …

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