Severe and high blowfly risk warnings in place for July

Severe and high blowfly risk warnings are in place for the rest of July following a hot month coupled with the onset of rain. The …

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UK risk of Newcastle disease increased to medium

Move from Defra follows new outbreaks in Belgium The risk of Newcastle disease (ND) being introduced the UK has been raised from ‘low’ to ‘medium’, …

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Welfare risk as owners fail to research pre-pet purchase

The 2018 PDSA Animal Wellbeing PAW report reveals “quite shocking” number of owners did not undertake research before taking on a pet. Almost one in …

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Dog flu strains a ‘potential risk’ to humans

Study identifies influenza viruses jumping from pigs to dogs A study by US scientists has revealed that influenza is becoming increasingly diverse in dogs and …

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Badger culling to be allowed in Low Risk Area

Government to allow culling in ‘exceptional circumstances’ Defra has announced that badger culling will be allowed in the Low Risk Area (LRA) of England, in …

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Late spring may increase disease risk for newborn animals

Farmers urged to take steps and plan fodder now Farmers in Scotland are being warned that a late spring could lead to straw shortages, effectively …

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