All abuzz: Larvicidal flavonoids inhibit key enzyme in yellow fever mosquitoes

When most people think of flavonoids, natural compounds found in plants and other organisms, their nutritional benefits probably come to mind first. But these compounds …

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Mosquitoes’ mating game discovery provides new clues to combat malaria

Male mosquitoes beat their wings faster when swarming at sunset to better detect females and increase their chance of reproducing, finds a novel study led …

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Cellular receptors identified for eastern equine encephalitis

A new study led by researchers at Harvard Medical School has identified a set of cellular receptors for at least three related alphaviruses shared across …

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Increase in Milk Yield and Weight of Bovines by using MozziQuit Mosquito Trap Device in Cow Sheds

Mosquitoes are of major Veterinary and Medical importance due to their role as Vector for transmission of various parasitic, bacterial and viral diseases. Mosquitoes are …

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