Burrowing snakes have far worse eyesight than their ancestors

The ancestor of all living snakes probably had substantially better vision than present-day burrowing snakes, according to new research. An international team of scientists — …

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Paleontologists debunk fossil thought to be missing link between lizards and first snakes

Filling in the links of the evolutionary chain with a fossil record of a ”snake with four legs” connecting lizards and early snakes would be …

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Mammals on the menu: Snake dietary diversity exploded after mass extinction 66 million years ago

Modern snakes evolved from ancestors that lived side by side with the dinosaurs and that likely fed mainly on insects and lizards. Then a miles-wide …

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Plant-eating lizards on the cusp of tooth evolution

Researchers at the Universities of Helsinki and Lyon and the Geological Survey of Finland found that complex teeth, a hallmark of mammals, also evolved several …

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New fossil species represents ancient forerunner of most modern reptiles

Lizards and snakes are a key component of most terrestrial ecosystems on earth today. Along with the charismatic tuatara of New Zealand (a “living fossil” …

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Sticky toes unlock life in the trees

Many lizards are phenomenal climbers. Their sharp, curved claws are ideal for clinging to tree trunks, rocks and other rough surfaces. However, in the precarious …

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