Report Recommends ‘Farm Animal tax’ because UK Agriculture is too ‘Unhealthy’

A new report launched today has called for a shake-up of UK agriculture because it is too “unhealthy”, and suggests a “farmed animal tax”.

The Grow Green II report, written by the New Economics Foundation, declares that the UK’s food system is “fundamentally broken” and “unhealthy”.

The New Economics Foundation claims a shift to plant protein as a substitute for animal protein is “desperately needed.”

Recommendations include implementation of a farmed animal tax and a Protein Aid Scheme that would offer payment per hectare of land under cultivation for those who grow plant protein crops.

Griffin Carpenter, Senior Researcher at the New Economics Foundation, said: “Our research shows that to supply British diets with food that is sustainable, healthy, affordable, and ethical, protein crops represent a win-win-win-win across all four dimensions.
“With a major shakeup to farming policy on the horizon, now is the time to create new programmes and incentives for the development of protein crops.”

The President of the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) has said only a ‘tiny minority’ are opposed to livestock farming in the UK.

In response to an anti-livestock vegan campaign ran this year, Barclay Bell said: “This campaign seeks to denigrate farmers to advance the cause of a tiny minority opposed to livestock farming. This is a small special interest group that seeks publicity.

“Less than one per cent of the UK population is vegan – but those supporting this lifestyle choice are well funded and adept at attracting media attention,” said Mr Bell.