Higher Risk Mycotoxin Levels in Global Grains Compared to Harvest 2020

Grain represents a sizeable portion of the mycotoxin risk to livestock performance, reproduction, and health. Grains are fed locally within countries and regions but are also transported globally to areas where grain production cannot meet the high demands for livestock feed. Harvest 2021 across the key grain-growing regions of the Northern Hemisphere suffered under turbulent weather conditions. Europe experienced a combination of drought in southern regions, while further north, flooding dominated. In the U.S., drought was a constant issue. These effects were compounded by late-season rains that delayed harvest in some regions. A similar picture surfaced across Canada, with large parts of the country being hampered by severe drought throughout the main growing season. Dr. Max Hawkins at Alltech explains why analysis and risk measurement of the grains is necessary to identify how these weather conditions have affected the mycotoxin landscape and the represented threat.