Sheep scab

Sheep Scab – A Major Pest to Sheep Production

Sheep scab is a disease caused by the mite Psoroptes ovis, which lives on the skin surface where it feeds. The faeces produced by the …

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Rational use of antimicrobials

Rational Use of Antimicrobials in the Dairy Industry

The use of antimicrobials in food animals has long been the subject of international debate, although the relationship between their use and the development of …

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Current position in agriculture

Current Position in Agriculture Regarding Antibiotics

Having reached our overall government antibiotic use target of 50mg/kg two years early, reducing antibiotic sales to farmers by 27% (the lowest since records began), …

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Brexit and the UK

Brexit and the UK Pet Food Industry

The pet food industry holds a unique place within the food and feed sector. Whilst we are governed by the same high safety rules covering …

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A challenge to be addressed

A Challenge to be Addressed: The “Institutional Amnesia”

As companies move ahead, with both internal R&D as well as external development, “institutional amnesia” is a trait which must be consciously addressed. As companies …

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Global Initiatives

Global Initiatives Promoting Good Regulatory Practices for Veterinary Medicines

The objectives of the ‘Livestock’ project correspond with Vision3 of HealthforAnimals, the global animal medicines industry association, for globally harmonised regulatory systems and their objectives …

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Animal health

Animal Health: Delivering Solutions to Achieve a One Health World

Effective prevention and control of infectious diseases at the animal-human-ecosystem interface is essential. It will help combat the spread of diseases in animals and humans, …

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At the frontiers of
animal health

At the Frontiers of Animal Health: A European Perspective

Constantly presenting new possibilities for the prevention and treatment of disease. Directive 2001/82/ EC, which both sets out standards for veterinary medicinal products and outlines …

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Homeopathy in animals

Homeopathy in Animals: Yesterday and Today … But Tomorrow?

Homeopathy exists without a recognised body of evidence for its use. Furthermore, it is not based on sound scientific principles. In order to protect animal …

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Latest lameness

Latest Lameness Research: A Summary

Lameness is a major challenge in dairy herds globally. Digital dermatitis (DD), more commonly known as Mortellaro, is an infectious condition and one of the …

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