Animal Ethics pain product extended for use in Australian calves

Australian regulatory authorities have extended the use of the anesthetic and antiseptic topical application Tri-Solfen to include the alleviation of pain in calves.
The product, which is manufactured by domestic firm Animal Ethics, was previously approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority for use in lambs during October 2016. It is currently used in over eight million animals per year in Australia – alleviating pain from procedures such as castration, tail docking and mulesing.
Now, the over-the-counter product has been extended for use in calves. Tri-Solfen has a three-way action designed to numb the animal’s wound, minimize bleeding and protect against infection.
According to Animal Ethics, trials have demonstrated pain alleviation for up to 24 hours in both calves and lambs after surgical castration. These trials also showed a significant improvement in wound healing.
Allan Giffard, managing director of Animal Ethics, said: “It is a major win for farmers, a win for calves, a win for animal welfare and a win for the Australian cattle and dairy industries. Tri-Solfen is now approved to provide a practical means for farmers to alleviate the pain associated with husbandry procedures in calves and lambs, which are relied on for important animal health and management reasons.
“This in turn has been shown to improve mothering-up, minimize set-back, whilst also addressing consumer concerns over welfare.”

Piglet extension coming

The latest regulatory extension further broadens the scope of Tri-Solfen, which has been used to treat 70 million animals to date.
The next step for the product is another label extension, this time to allow its use in piglets. Studies are being carried out by Sydney University Veterinary School to support this extension, which Animal Ethics predicts will be granted in the first half of 2017.
Aside for adding extra indications to the product’s claims, the firm is also taking Tri-Solfen to wider markets through partnerships.
Mr Giffard added: “This is a very exciting milestone for our company and the new calf registration further strengthens our marketing approval platform as we accelerate our international registration program in key markets such as the US, EU, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and South America.”