$34.2 Billion Cattle Feed and Feed Additives Market 2017: Global Forecasts to 2022

The Global Market for Cattle Feed and Feed Additives will Grow from $31.3 Billion in 2017 to $34.2 Billion by 2022, with a CAGR of 1.8, according to The “Cattle Feed and Feed Additives: Global Markets to 2022”.
The term cattle refer to beef cattle/stock, dairy cows, calves and breeding stock. The cattle feed market, for the purposes of this report, includes animal feed largely classified as compound feed and simple feed blends. Although cattle feed can sometimes include hay and dried forage, the report does not include these details. Forage is natural food that is discovered and consumed by animals grazing (i.e., pasture grass, stems and plants). In some cases, cut forage, such as hay, is classified as fodder but we have not included it in this report.
Cattle feed includes complete feed blends that meet the total nutritional needs of cattle and simple blends that are a blend of unprocessed or limited processed commodities with vitamins and nutritional supplements that are added on-site.
All market data pertain to the global market at the bulk wholesale or manufacturers’ level. Data are expressed in current U.S. dollars. The base year of the report is 2017 and forecast data are provided for 2022.